Triathlon Training: Week 6 Summery

Triathlon Training: Week 6 Summery

I’m a bit late with the update this week due to the Easter break.   There isn’t actually much to report anyway.  I cycled to and from work on Monday.  Tuesday and Thursday I did some weights.  After that I took the family to Wales for Easter so I spent most of the next 4 days drinking and eating.  Still I think the rest has been good for me and the break from exercise has helped a couple of niggling injuries subside.  I had been having a bit of aching in my right knee, it wasn’t a big deal just a slight aching but it seems to have settled down now.

We did go to Rhyl Sun Centre over the weekend and I thought I’ve have a few length in the wave pool to give me an idea of how swimming in the sea on race day might be.  It turns out that It’s so much harder and takes a lot more effort.  I really could only manage a couple of lengths before I was done.  I really need to do more swimming but the problem I have is the pool at the gym isn’t open to the public at convenient times for me.  Public swims are generally early evening while I’m having family time.  


As expected I put on a few pounds over Easter.  It’s typical really, I spend 6 weeks healthy eating, exercising and hardly drinking and I lose a few pounds. I have one weekend of indulgence and put most of it back on.  Anyway I’m not too despondent I’ve got plenty of time until race day. Well I’ve got 5 months which sounds a lot but it’s very long at all.

Plans for this week

No running.  Running is banned.  

I need to swim at least once twice if I can find the time.


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