Triathlon Training: Week 4 Summery

Triathlon Training: Week 4 Summery

Had a poor week this week.  I started well with a 4 mile run on Monday, a 3.5 mile run on Wednesday with weights and bike on Thursday but nothing since then.  Not because I'm lazy but things just conspired against me.  I had 2 gigs on Saturday and that put pay to my Saturday swim and weights session and my Sunday run was cancelled because of the list of gardening chores I had.  I guess I did quite a bit of exercise over the weekend but none of it was training for a triathlon.  

I have a punishing schedule planned for week 5 to make up for my previous lazy week.  I'll be going to the Gym on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I'll run Wednesday and Sunday.  I plan on doing around 6 hours of exercise in total which should more than make up for week 4.

Overall Progress and Future Plans

This is difficult to judge.  My scales are still claiming I've not lost much weight at all yet but I definitely feel fitter and some of my clothes are much loser.  As far as fitness goes, well I'm still in the foundation building stage.  Once I've completed 6 weeks of this basic fitness building I'll move on to increasing my endurance.  I'll build up my running, cycling and swimming over the next 3 months so I can complete double each distance in 1 session.  That means I'll eventually increase my sunday run to 20k, my saturday swim to 80 lengths and cycle 120k.  Not sure at this point how I'll fit a 120k cycle into my week but I'll find a way somehow.  I'll be aiming to be at that level by the middle of June so I've plenty of time to source a bike and I'll have the summer evenings to do my long ride.  

From the middle of June for 10 weeks I'll be building on my endurance work by increasing my speed to what I hope will be race pace.   During this time I'll do shorter more intense sessions and build my power and pace.  I have a crazy idea that I'll be able to do this triathlon in 3½ hours.  Although realistically around 4 hours is more likely.  I'm looking at completing the swim in 20 minutes, cycle in 2 hours and run in 1 hour, with 10 minutes leeway. I'm confident I'll get to the point where I can complete the swim and run in my goal times but I fear the 60k cycle in 2 hours will be well out of my range. 

For the remaining 2 weeks before the big day I'll mostly be taking it easy.  Short easy sessions and hopefully build up my energy reserves for the big race.  

I've not idea if what I've written above even makes sense but I decided I needed some kind of training plan and to me it sounds sensible.  Only time will tell.

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