Triathlon Training: Week 3 Summery

Triathlon Training: Week 3 Summery

Really went for it this week, I feel like my basic fitness is really increasing so I really put it some hard sessions.  I managed to get to the gym 3 times and did 3 sessions of weights (I’m still trying to build some basic strength), 2 sessions on the bike and 1 swim.  This week I swam the full 1000m required for the triathlon, albeit it took me 37 minutes.  I’ll need to get that down nearer 20 minutes come triathlon day.  On the bike I’m currently doing 40-45 minutes of hill intervals.  I like that as it gets my heart rate up over 160bpm for a minute while climbing the hills, but then get a minute or so rest before the next hill.  It’s more interesting than just peddling for 45 minutes on the same resistance setting.

I didn’t do the Sunday run this week, which was a bit disappointing but couldn't be helped.  A combination of Mothers Day and my eldest son Jack’s 14th birthday meant I didn't get the time.  I’ll make up for that this week by doing an extra 2 midweek runs as well as the Sunday run.  I'll probably run Monday, Wednesday and Sunday this week.

I need a bike

I still need to source a racing bike.  I don’t need anything fancy, I’m not planning on using it again after the triathlon. I just need something basic to get me round that I can sell on again afterwards.  If anyone has an old rusty thing lying in a garage that they fancy selling to me as a doer upper at a very reasonable price let me know.

I’m in no rush to actually get out on the street cycling so there is no major rush, I’m quite happy in the gym on the indoor bikes at the moment.  

Speaking to my cousin this week, who knows a lot more about this sort of stuff than I do says the hardest part will be the transition between the cycling and the running.  This comes as a surprise to me as I thought the swim to cycle would be the hardest.  So with that in mind once I do get a racing bike sorted I’ll be sure to do some bike / running sessions and get my body used to the transition.


No new sponsors this week :o(

I’m presuming  everyone is waiting till nearer the time as they’re not convinced I’ll do it.  I’d rather see money trickling in slowly as it gives me the motivation I need to keep going.  

So if you’re planning on sponsoring me and just haven’t got round to it yet then just do it.

For those who would like to sponsor me right now there are a number of ways.  

Online at

For those with a mobile who would like to use the newfangled txt sponsor service you can txt DAZT75 £1 to 70070.  You can change the £1 to any amount you like.  If you want to sponsor me a tenner you can txt DAZT75 £10 to 70700.

Goals for next week

  • To make up for no Sunday run this week by doing an extra 2 midweek runs.
  • Get the 1000m swim down to 35 minutes.
  • Have more fun
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This blog is all about me and my family.  I'm currently training for IronmanUK.  Jack has his own astronomy blog and there is a link below. 

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